Interview with Johannes Schumacher (founder of Immucura Med) and Dr. Remmel

Dr. med Edgar Alexander Remmel is a recognized German surgeon an immunotherapist. After 15 years of working with minimal invasive surgery, he took over an immunologic laboratory in Germany where he has been producing dendritic cell cancer vaccines since 1999. After 20 years of experience in immunotherapy with dendritic cells he now is a member of Immucura’s medical board.

Johannes: „May I ask, what fascinates you about dendritic cells?“

Dr. Remmel: „During my training time there was an oncology department next door which worked with a brutal chemotherapy. When I saw what they did to our surgical patients, I decided that I did not want to go that way. And when I started to work independently I began to look for other kind of treatments. I dealt with natural healing intensively and at that time I attended to a speech of doctor Kaiser. He was the first one I heard speaking about dendritic cells and it was something that fascinated me and that I became acquainted with.

„That would mean, if I have calculated correctly, that you are dealing with dendritic cells for more than 20 years now. Isn’t it then an outdated technology if it already worked 20 years ago?“

„Dendritic Cell Therapy follows a stable tradition. I was happy when the Nobel Prize was conferred to Dr. Ralph Steinman, who treated himself with dendritic cells, because at that time my work was considered as exotic. This Nobel prize in 2011 motivated me even more to deal with immunotherapy more intensively. I also witnessed how differently immunotherapy is developing, how complementary the immunotherapy is becoming I experienced which new medicaments are coming onto the market. But I was surprised what the industry is charging for them“ 

„Also when comparing dendritic cell therapy with the new chemical immunotherapeutic agents which usually end with „map” do you still see the dendritic cell therapy as state of the art? Do you still see it as an up to date immunotherapeutic?“

„Yes, definitely yes, because I remember that we sent a good friend of mine  to the dermatology department. He was the first one to receive this new immunotherapuetic agent and he experienced terrible side effects. That is when I thought that after 10 years of putting effort into immunotherapy it may have all been for nothing. I mean there is a great number of non-effectiveness and a great number of serious side effects, nevertheless, for some people the chemical, synthetic agents are very efficient. But I would choose the dendritic cell therapy as as a non-invasive option with practically no side effects – in addition it costs less and still shows very good results.“

„Well thank you Dr. Remmel for your honest and expert answers. Have a great day and a safe journey back to Germany!“