If there is hope in the battle against cancer, it’s in Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy with Dendritic Cells

On this page you will learn more about DCT (Dendritic Cells Therapy), and why immunotherapy is one of the strongest weapons against cancer.

Diagnosed with cancer.
What are the options?


The most common cancer therapy can reduce a tumour in its initial stages – however – as it does not address the source of the disease – a repetition of cancer often occurs. Chemotherapy can cause serious side effects and might damage the immune system.

Radiation Therapy

In some cancer types, radiation is used as a primary therapy to destroy tumours. This can be effective as long as no metastasis appear. Patients often suffer serious side effects and dysfunctions as a result.


Cutting the cancer tissue out can be a quick way to get rid of a tumor. If cancer tissue remains undiscovered, then the cancer is likely to continue to develop.
Surgery can have major side effects depending on the location of the tumor.

All these most common forms of cancer therapy fight against the body in order to clear the patient’s cancer altogether . They fight the effect of cancer without considering the cause.

This is why all these therapies

  • Can harm and weaken the body and can have serious side effects.

  • Cannot ensure that the cancer will be eradicated.


Therapies that enhance the capacity of the body to fight cancer are supported by scientists all over the world. Cancer is the highest cause for premature death, but in the last 15 years there were only two Nobel Medicine Prizes granted to the battle against cancer. Both of them were for immunotherapy ( 2011 R. Steinman, 2018 P. Allison and T. Honjo ). If there is hope in cancer health it’s in immunotherapy. While Allison and Honjo open up the cancer cells for the immune attack with a specific chemotherapy, Steinman empowers the immune system to uncover the cancer cells naturally: Dr. Ralph Steiman was honoured for his research on dendritic cell therapy ( DCT ). This approach teaches the body’s immune system how to expose and kill cancer cells. As it’s a natural effect, DCT does not cause any lasting side effects. As a relatively new method, availability is limited and in many cases it is not yet covered by health insurances.

Dendritic Cell (CD 86+)
mediate Immune Response

See how DCT fights cancer

While the organism is less burdened from side effects of cancer therapy, the effect of complementary therapies to fight the causes of cancer might be more effective and can be administered before or during any other therapy without any loss of options. This may prove to be the “ holy grail ” of cancer treatment given what we know right now.

As Senior VP of NorthWest Biotherapeutics Les Goldman stated: “ The strongest weapon that we have to deal with any invasion in our body is our immune system. For 30 years or more, we have been using chemotherapy and radiation instead of turning to the most natural solution. We are now able to educate the immune system of each person with just some of the patient’s blood.”

Reasons to consider
Dendritic Cell Therapy

Cancer is a complex disease with various influencing factors. If only the symptoms are treated (with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation) the likelihood of reoccurrence is high.

The main therapy categories (chemo, radio, surgery) focus on the elimination of cancer tissue. DCT works on a cellular level.

Dendritic cells – even in a healthy body – instruct the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells.


DCT has five key steps:

  1. separates the body’s own monocytes from the blood of the patient in a laboratory
  2. cultivates them to dendritic cells
  3. primes them with the cancer information
  4. instructs the immune cells
  5. finds and eliminates cancer cells.


Injected into the body after 10 days, the dendritic cells boost the immune system to give a response in the fight against

cancer and unmask the cancer cells that have previously remained hidden to the immune system.


Dendritic Cell Therapy is … non-invasive

Traditional cancer therapies poison, burn or cut tissue, DCT does not harm any body functions. Without any side effects, DCT uses the body’s immune system to naturally destroy cancer cells. Therefore, it can be applied with or without other treatment protocols.


… using the natural healing system

When fully competent, the immune system has an amazing ability to destroy cancers. Even in a healthy body, up to 150.000 cancer cells a day might appear and get eliminated by the immune system. In the immune system, dendritic cells – the „police lieutenants” – get naturally primed from any enemy cells and, from that moment, they train t-cells and killer cells – the “cops” – to fight against that specific enemy: each “cop” cell can run after and kill one enemy cell. DCT produces about 100 billion of these cells per day.

… without showing lasting side effects

As observed in other vaccines, patients might experience tiredness or higher body temperature for about two days. The injection area might show the typical irritation from the injection – both from the blood extraction and from the vaccination. These are the only negative and temporary side effects.

… showing better results

A general prognosis is hard to give, because the success of the therapy is determined from various factors like other therapies, current status and cooperation of the patient. Clinical studies show a two or three times higher survival rate of DCT patients even when combined with chemotherapy. In mono therapy or combined with an integrative health approach, the success rate can be about 70 to 80 %. 

How it works

The protocol is following four easy steps:

  1. Blood extraction of 200 ml on a Monday in the clinic in Gibraltar or Spain
  2. Production of the vaccine in a German laboratory. In the meantime, commence complimentary treatments (Immu7 Onco Support).
  3. Vaccination in the clinic in Gibraltar or Spain after 10 days, on the next following Thursday
  4. DCT is effective for about six to nine months. Significant re- sults are expected after three months

There are three ways to employ DCT:

  1. As a complimentary therapy to an existing health plan
  2. As a monotherapy
  3. Optional, but recommended: Immu7 Onco Support, an integrative health plan, consists of five more elements:

a. Hyperthermia: as cancer cells are more sensitive to higher body temperature, hyperthermia heats up the body to an artificial fever with no harm to the organism. Depending on the cancer type, local or full body therapies are available.

b. The supplement protocol: a synergetic program of five different natural remedies was designed to support cell health, weaken cancer cells, rise the population of immune cells and support apoptosis (cancer cell death).

c. Nutrition plan: a tasty diet starves cancer cells without leaving the patient hungry.

d. Wellbeing coaching: cancer to many has a strong mental effect. A coach supports the management of the healing process.

e. Onco physiotherapy: adjusted to the physical status of the patient, an individual plan to enhance agility and physical exercise is proven to support cancer healing and increase survival rates.

The Immu7 Onco Support targets a sustainable development of a healthy lifestyle and the active cooperation of the patient in his own recovery. This includes rehabilitation and long-term cancer prevention.

Immu7 Onco Support combines the best known, broadly accepted non-invasive cancer therapies.

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