Former WHO Executive Board member Dr. Simon-Lopez

Immucura Med is more than happy to introduce Dr. Ramon Simon-Lopez as the new medical director. He is a well-know hemato-oncologist and former member of the WHO Executive Board. He has made more than 100 publications in hematology and oncology besides nine patents. 

Having  more than 30 years of experience in hematology and oncology, Dr. Simon-Lopez came to Immucura Med  curious about the holistic approach to cancer via dendritic cells. More than anyone, he knows that dendritic cells play a crucial role when it comes to battling cancer. He knew from the beginning – when the best working immunotherapy gets combined with an integrative health plan, the success rate raises significantly.

He was impressed about Immucura’s holistic treatment protocol. But cancer patients often have a weak and unresponsive immune system. Immunotherapies depend on its strength and its „willingness to work“. That’s how Dr. Simon-Lopez took immunotherapy with dendritic cells even a step further. With Immune Memory Transmitter (IMT) it´s possible to strengthen, balance and educate the immune system. Clinical studies show its encouraging effect on the immune system. That´s how we are now capable to raise the effectivity of the dendritic cell vaccine!

Immunotherapy uses the immune system as the tool to fight cancer. Different to all other concepts of immunotherapies, the Immucura therapy can multiply the effectivity of dendritic cell therapy (DCT), as it enables the immune system to execute the immunotherapy. Immucura ActiveDCT is the next level of immunotherapy.